About Madison Caivano LMFT

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My Background:

I was born and raised in Colorado. I moved to California to get my Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. After I graduated, I decided Criminal Justice wasn't the field that allow me to help people the way I knew I could. In my undergraduate days, I was fascinated with interviewing people and learning why they do the things they do. After researching things, I realized mental health therapy was the perfect outlet for my communicative and empathetic skills.

I entered the mental health field because I love helping people and I have seen and personally experienced the positive effects of psychotherapy. I truly believe that connection allows for one to process and heal.

I received my masters in Marriage Family Therapy from California State University Los Angeles: School Based Family Counseling Program. I learned a variety of different approaches for mental health and empowerment at this program. With the skills I learned from Master's degree, I moved on to working in the eating disorder community. I learned how to work with individuals who suffer from a wide range of eating disorders.

Afterwards, I worked in school districts, giving mental health counseling to pre-teens and teenagers. My experience working with clients of all ages can provide support for any type of family.

Caring & Open Approach

Madison Caivano Therapy Approach

I work collaboratively with people to help them develop healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Just like you, I know what it is like to be human and to experience challenges times in life. Starting therapy can be scary but in my experience it was one of the best decisions I made.

Therapy provides you with a safe place to become more aware and grow into the person you want to be and live life you want to be living especially in these uncertain times.

My treatment approach is primarily evidence-based and eclectic, including Client Centered approach, Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques (CBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MBCT), and family systems.

I will work with you to utilize your strengths and tailor my approach to your needs. Together we will clarify your values and goals and work toward self-acceptance, mindfulness, emotional balance and personal growth.

My Experience Working In The Field

Working at the William S.Hart School District I provided direct counseling services to multi-cultural clients and students with individual educational plans from ages 11 and older on a weekly basis; involving couples, individual, family, and group counseling. I have participated and been able to support my clients in IEP meetings. I’ve also achieved a high success rate in my counseling. Several former patients have expressed positive reviews for my evidenced-based treatment methods.

As a Therapist at Center for Discovery I provide daily direct care and support for clients with eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. Conduct case management which includes evaluating the needs of clients, developing and implementing treatment plans, and monitoring progress.

In relation with eating disorders I understand how difficult it is for patients to deal with emotional issues such as; sexual abuse, trauma, bullying, and substance abuse along with many other problems that can affect their health and well-being. It is my goal to provide the best care for all patients under my counseling.

I have several years of experience working with clients at different levels of care including; Inpatient, Residential, Transitional, Partial, and Outpatient levels of care. I have provided weekly support groups for eating disorders to the community.

Accepted Insurance Providers

I'm currently an in-network provider for the follow insurance companies: Aetna (including Allied Benefits System, Meritain, Nippon), Optum (including United Health Care, Harvard Pilgrim, Oscar, Oscar, Optum Live & Work Well), Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of California, Blue Shield of California (For individual services only), and Cigna.

Aetna Mental Health Provider Anthem Blue Cross Mental Health Provider Cigna Mental Health Provider Harvard Pilgrim Mental Health Provider Oxford Health UMR Mental Health Provider United Healthcare Mental Health Provider

* Couples and Family Counseling services are cash pay only.